The 14th season of Building New York: NY Stories, debuted on September 9, 2018

September 9, 2018: Daniel Moore, Rockefeller Group

Daniel J. Moore, Rockefeller Group president and CEO, can trace his families' history with documents from the "War of 1861" and through service of many generations in the military. Mr. Moore graduated from Notre Dame, received an MBA from the Wharton School and served as a Captain in the US Air Force.

September 16, 2018: Jerry Spitzer

How a kid from the Bronx, humble beginnings, a bit of a rebel, succeeds as an educator, encourages and supports philanthropy, progresses in real estate, and with the Met Council, works to provide housing for the elderly. Jerry Spitzer describes his journey: the events and the people in his life.

September 23, 2018: Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes

Dr. Karen Binder-Brynes, a psychologist and leading expert in the field of post-traumatic stress, introduces us to her family and to people and events that helped shape her career.

September 30, 2018 Dr. Robin L. Smith

Dr. Robin L. Smith is president and chairman of the board of the Cura Foundation, a "major health movement, with the passionate purpose to improve human health." Dr. Smith, the Cura Foundation with the Vatican's Pontifical Council, ethicists, medical and scientific leaders "Unite to Cure," discussing the impact of science and technology on culture and society.

October 7, 2018, Marci Waterman

New York attorney Marci Waterman, a former prosecutor, having served in the Brooklyn Major Narcotics Division describes her past adventures and current responsibilities as COO of SterlingRisk Insurance and managing director of Sterling Analytics.

October 15, 2018: Yvonne Riley-Tepie

Yvonne Riley-Tepie, third child of a large, loving family of siblings, cousins, long-time friends (now, considered brothers and sisters), gives us a glimpse of her family and a tour of her professional life as VP with TD Bank.

October 21, 2018: Peter Kelly

Peter X. Kelly, entrepreneur, self-taught chef, successful restaurateur at 23, multi-award winner and an Iron Chef of America talks about growing up in Yonkers, his 11 siblings, and early career in upstate New York and the City. Back in Yonkers, built on a once abandoned pier, Kelly's most recent success is H2O Xaviars on the Hudson.

October 28, 2018: Lisa Liberatore M.D.

Lisa Liberatore, MD is founder of Totum Health and a top ENT specialist. Dr. Liberatore is also founder of Luv Michael (, a 501c 3 organization, whose mission is "to train, educate and employ people with Autism." Luv Michael produces and sells organic, gluten-free, nut free granola.

November 4, 2018: Tyler Morse

From lemonade stand, to ski patrol and instructor, to Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, to CEO at MCR (with some stops in between), Tyler Morse discusses MCR's newest project - restoring and reimagining the 1962 TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport as a first-class hotel.

November 11, 2018: Peter Sudler, Part I

Peter Sudler discusses his family, growing up in New Jersey, and his, from childhood, attraction to the law, leading to the difficult decision not to join his family's real estate business but to pursue a legal career in the Justice Department's Organized Crime Strike Force. Part 1/2.

November 18, 2018: Peter Sudler, Part II

Peter Sudler, Sudler Companies president and CEO, describes cases he prosecuted when serving in the Justice Department's Organized Crime Strike Force: New York MaPa bosses Joseph Gambino, Carmine Galante, Studio 54 heads, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager on tax eva- sion, and his decision to leave law enforcement for real estate.

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November 25, 2018: Joseph Farkas

Joseph A Farkas, CEO and Founder of Metropolitan Realty Associates, passionate about real estate, outlines his career path: his love of blocks-Legos; his father's tales of leasing and office development deals, and the encouragement of colleagues, along the way.

December 2, 2018: Aaron Malinsky

Aaron Malinsky, president and CEO, of Curbcut Urban Partners, a privately owned real estate development firm, in business with his childrn, talks about earlier ventures as executive vice-president of another family business, the supermarket chain, Waldbaums.

December 9, 2018: Anthony Orso

Anthony Orso, son of hardworking parents, with a dedicated family, discusses the journey bringing him to his position today as president of NKF Capital Markets Strategies, and praise for the depth of his experience in earlier ventures.

December 16, 2018: Laura Forese M.D.

Laura L. Forese, MD credits her grandfather's suggestion that there should be a doctor in the family with her career, including pediatric orthopedic surgery to executive vice president and COO of NewYork-Presbyterian, an institution celebrating the 20th anniversary of the New York Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital merger.

December 23, 2018: David Bagatelle

David Bagatelle describes himself as a born (Queens) and bred (suburbs) New Yorker, adding that in his career of 30+ years, he has worked only in New York! Football, baseball - sports of choice, busing tables at the King George Diner, NYU graduate school, Republic National Bank, Signature Bank and now, president of New York Metro Markets at Sterling National Bank.

December 30, 2018: Robert Lapidus

Robert Lapidus, co-founder, with David Levinson, the president and CIO of L&L Holding Company, is enthusiastic about growing up on Long Island, describing his affection for the Grateful Dead, the New York Yankees, his family, and the success of L&L.

January 6, 2019: Don Peebles, Part I

Don Peebles introduces us to many generations of his close and committed family - and to his journey to founder, chairman and CEO of The Peebles Corporation, a real estate and development investment company. Author of two books, Peebles is active as a political fundraiser and supporter.

January 13, 2019: Don Peebles, Part II

In Part 2/2, Don Peebles continues his journey to founder, chairman and CEO of The Peebles Corporation, a real estate and development investment company, successfully advancing public-private partnerships. Author of two books, Peebles is active as a political fundraiser and supporter.

January 20, 2019 Sanford Zuckerbrot, Franklin Zuckerbrot

Sanford Zuckerbrot, Co-Founder and Chairman and son, Franklin, President of Sholom & Zuckerbrot, talk about their family history, the development of their company, now a second-generation, family owned business, well-know for its conversion of underutilized properties for today's use.

January 27, 2019: Norman Bobrow

Philanthropist Norman Bobrow introduces his grandparents' migration from Lithuania to South Africa to the businesses they formed in the US and to his own history as founder, president, managing partner of Norman Bobrow & Co. and First New York Realty Brokers.

February 3, 2019: Elie Hirschfeld, HIrschfeld Properties

Elie Hirschfeld, philanthropist, triathlon winner, real estate developer talks about family, particularly his father, Abe, fondly dubbed the Garage King of New York, his leaving Poland for Israel, coming to New York and ultimately, the establishment of the dynamic Hirschfeld Properties.

February 10, 2019: David Chase, B 6 Real Estate Advisors

Seeking a better life, Avtandyl Chkheidze, born in one of the oldest cities in Georgia Ukraine, comes to America. Now - David Chase - he describes his new life: odd jobs, additional education, hard work, opportunity leading to partner, executive managing director at B6 Real Estate Advisors.

February 17, 2019: Steven Hornstock, ABS Partners Real Estate

Steven Hornstock - a swimmer, a taxi driver, horse racing magazine columnist, race horse owner, and ex-Helmsley-Spear executive talks about his road to co-managing partner and director of investment sales at ABS Partners Real Estate.

Brenda Rosen introduces her grandparents from Scotland, England, Ireland. As president/CEO of

February 24, 2019 Brenda Rosen

Breaking Ground, a large developer of safe, affordable housing linked to supportive services, Rosen discusses her commitment: to work to end homelessness.

March 3, 2019 Robert Montgomery M.D. Part I

Robert Montgomery, MD, is director of the Transplant Institute at NYU Langone; formerly at Johns Hopkins, with the team that developed laparoscopic procurement of live kidney donations and the "Domino" chain of transplants. Married to opera diva Denyce Graves, Dr. Montgomery describes their three wedding celebrations - one, in recognition of his work in Africa, a traditional Maasai ceremony.

March 10, 2019: Robert Montgomery M.D. Part Ii-The Patient Experience

What happens when the doctor becomes the patient? Dr. Robert Montgomery, professor of surgery, director of the NYU Langone Transplant Institute - and himself a recipient of a heart transplant - discusses the question and events leading to his transplant. Part 2.

March 17, 2019: Jeffrey Levine, Douglaston Developement

Jeffrey Levine, chairman of Douglaston Development, Levine Builders & Clinton Management, guides us through his career, introduces his family and talks about "giving back" to philanthropies, including JNF, St. Mary's Healthcare System for Children and the Epilepsy Foundation.

March 24, 2019 Governor. Hugh Carey: As Told by sons Christopher & MIchael Part I

Christopher and Michael Carey talk about Hugh L. Carey, New York's 51st Governor, seven-term US Representative - their father - discussing the governor, who in the 70s, pulled New York from the brink of financial collapse, the family and growing up in Brooklyn and Shelter Island.

March 31, 2019: Governor Hugh Carey: As Told by his Sons Christopher & Michael Carey, Part II

Christopher and Michael Carey talk about Hugh L. Carey, New York's 51st Governor - their father - discussing his seven-terms in the House, the 70s and New York's fiscal reality - "the days of wine and roses are over," and Willowbrook. Christopher and Michael talk about their own careers.

April 7, 2019: Paul Kronish

Paul Kronish, president of Kronish Associates, treats us to delightful memories of his grandfather and chocolate kisses; his deceased brother, Herb, the extraordinary handball player and special pal, among many others. Mr. Kronish discusses his long career, since 1959, in the insurance industry.

April 14, 2019: Henry Wollman

Henry Wollman, architect/developer, president and CEO of Quadriad Realty Partners, a student at Yeshiva Rambam, a graduate of Yeshiva University High School, Dartmouth College and Yale School of Architecture discusses the primary focus of his career: affordable housing.

April 21. 2019: Chef Jonathan Benno

Jonathan Benno, chef/proprietor of Leonelli Taberna, Leonelli Focacceria e Pasticceria, and Benno, describes his odyssey - and the people he's met and worked with - beginning in Southbury, Ct, on to Kenya, Hawaii, San Francisco, and, now in New York and the Evelyn Hotel.

April 28, 2019 Stewart Lane, Actor, Playwright, Author, Producer

Stewart F. Lane, six time Tony winner - The Will Rogers Follies, La Cage aux Folles, Thoroughly Modern Millie, War Horse and more - playwright, Broadway producer, director, former actor and author of three books describes his first encounter with the theater, at age ten, (Sid Ceaser in "Little Me") and how he was hooked for life.

May 5, 2019: Ofer Yardeni, Stonehenge NYC

Israeli born, Ofer Yardeni, chairman and CEO of Stonehenge NYC, describes his families's journeys, beginning in 1492, to their establishing a home in Jerusalem, in 1801. Fast forward a few centuries, we meet his parents, learn of his army service, and celebrate his extraordinary career.

May 12, 2019: William Spencer Reilly, The Sheen Center

William Spencer Reilly, award-winning theater and television producer, discusses his work with The American Theatre Wing, The TriBeCa Center, programing for interfaith media - leading to his current role as executive director of The Sheen Center for Thought & Culture.

May 19, 2019: Joseph Pistilli

Joseph Pistilli, chairman and CEO, Pistilli Realty Group and chairman, First Central Savings Bank discusses the conversion of 2 historic buildings in Queens: the Eagle Electric Company, where Joe Pistilli's father, an Italian immigrant, once worked, into co-op apartments and the Steinway Piano factory into condominiums. (Taped:02/21/17) Building New York, a lively conversation hosted by Michael Stoler, New York's only weekly television broadcast featuring local and national leaders responsible for real estate activities in the Metropolitan region, began its first season on television and on CUNY TV in March 2006.

May 26, 2019: Joseph Farkas

Joseph A Farkas, CEO and Founder of Metropolitan Realty Associates, passionate about real estate, outlines his career path: his love of blocks-Legos; his father's tales of leasing and office development deals, and the encouragement of colleagues, along the way.

June 2, 2019: Jaime Weiss

Jaimie M. Weiss introduces family members, colleagues and mentors, important to the success of Weiss Realty Co. Founder and president, Weiss is known, nationwide, for many significant transactions. A Baruch College graduate, Jaime M. Weiss will be honored at Baruch's 2019 Commencement.

June 9, 2019: Allan V. Rose

Celebrating his 90th birthday and 75 years in real estate, Allan V. Rose is still working, still developing and occasionally plays some tennis. In Part 1/2, Rose talks about growing up in Brooklyn, jobs, and events leading to the growth of AVR Realty Company.

June 16, 2019: Allan V. Rose Part II

In Part 2/2, Allan V. Rose, celebrating 75 years in real estate and his 90th birthday introduces family and discusses numerous business ventures on Long Island, Westchester and Manhattan, and the success of his presidency of AVR Realty Company.

June 23, 2019: James Kuhn, Newmark knight Frank

After his family, James Kuhn is passionate about music and his band, "Square Feeet." A fencer in high school and college, the president of Newark Knight Frank, a philanthropist, Mr. Kuhn speaks earnestly about his "blessed life" and the need to "give back."

June 30, 2019: Joseph Gromek

Joseph Gromek's career took him to establishments know for luxury and high fashion: Lord & Taylor, Bonwit Teller, Saks, Brooks Brothers, useful when as Trustee and Board Chair of The New School, Mr. Gromek was able to connect graduates to professional opportunities.

July 6, 2019: The Korman Family, Larry, Brad & Mark

Brothers, Larry and Brad, representing Korman Communities, guide us through their family's history in real estate: back four generations to Russia, forward to their pioneering of the furnished apartment concept, and development of AKA and AVE brands.