Building New York-New York Life Stories

The Show

Building New York-New York Life Stories debuted in March 2006 airing in New York City on CUNY TV.  The broadcast profiles the lives of individuals who have had an impact on the business and community affairs of the tri-state region.


The show airs 8 times a week in New York City on CUNY TV. Each broadcast airs  5 times a week in East Hampton & Montauk, Long Island on WEGTV.

The show airs on Tuesday evenings around the nation at 9 PM and 12 Midnight on JLTV and on DIRECTV.

The Guests

The program was created to profile the life and the history of the guest's success to the community and in some instances tracing ones family history back three or four generations. We then travel from the youth to the current day reviewing major events in an individuals lifetime and career.

Since the inception of the program, more than 175 individual lives from the fields of business, real estate, healthcare, philanthropy, Broadway, the Arts, entertainment, theater, education, community and civic affairs have been profiled.

Television shows

New York Real Estate TV, LLC, produces three television broadcasts which include: "The Stoler Report", "Building New York-New York Life Stories" and the "New York Business Report with Michael Stoler".

The shows are produced at the Studios of CUNY TV, located in Manhattan. 

Both broadcasts can be viewed on the Internet at a number of sites as well as on the offical "App" for iPad and Iphone and for Android for Google Play.

You can view it live and download at


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